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Are you doing everything right, to still feel like everything’s wrong?

Do you feel like your close to your goal so you push harder?

Do you constantly think about giving up?

    A state of emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion caused by a prolonged period of stress and frustration is called a burnout. Burnouts isn’t always occupational, it can also appear in other areas of life, such as parenting, caretaking, or romantic relationships. Our brain and body can only handle feeling overworked and overwhelmed for so long. 

   As an entrepreneur, all the heavy lifting responsibilities can be hard for one person to manage. Like most, we all tend to have high expectation about ourselves and our lives; expecting too much from yourself can lead to disappointment to low self-esteem to burnouts to anxiety then depression. If you consistently experience high levels of stress without taking steps to manage or reduce it, exhaustion eventually takes over — leaving you emotionally and physically burned out. 

    For some time now, I’ve been in a state of burnout; I recognize the symptoms of constantly feeling tired, unable to concentrate, overwhelmed, and dreaded daily tasks. The longer I felt burnt out, I eventually gotten worse, lack of creativity, isolation and a major increase of anxiety. A burnout can also have a real impact on your physical health; another reason, why I consider on lifestyle changes and techniques to help cope with stress and alleviate the symptoms of mental exhaustion. 

    There are several healthy things you can do to minimize your risk of burning out or even avoid it. These include:

  • Take a break & approach situation differently

  • Engaging in healthy sleep habits 7- 9hrs

  • Exercise, be active

  • Mindfulness/Mediate

  • Set boundaries, it's ok to say "NO" for your mental health

  • Limit how much you can achieve in a day.

  • Seek support. Whether you reach out to co-workers, friends, loved ones or a therapist.


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