50 Goals Examples

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 Career goals

  •         Become a certified professional
  •         Become a high-level manager like a director
  •         Become a thought leader
  •         Earn an academic certificate to add to your resume
  •         Find a career you love
  •         Get a promotion at work
  •         Get a raise in your salary
  •         Go to college if you haven’t before
  •         Grow your current business, e.g., Gain a new market or introduce a new product.
  •         Increase your sales
  •         Learn a new skill
  •         Mentor a friend to guide their subsequent career decisions
  •         Publish professional articles online to build your resume.
  •         Resume your studies and finish a degree
  •         Start a new business
  •         Win an award at work
  •         Win over a certain number of clients
  •         Develop your soft skills, like self-confidence, communication, work ethic, etc.

Family goals

Here are some examples of long term family goals:

  •         Decide the perfect size for your family
  •         Donate old clothes or toys every year
  •         Find a life partner
  •         Finish a book list on family relationships
  •         Enhancer strong relationships with your parents and/or siblings
  •         Foster strong relationships with your extended family, such as grandparents or cousins
  •         Go on annual family road trips
  •         Organize yearly celebrations for your parents, siblings, or children
  •         Plan an annual family Olympics
  •         Plan to visit some locations on your family bucket list
  •         Spend money on experiences instead of things
  •         Start a family
  •         Take professional family portraits every year

Life goals

Here are some examples of long term personal goals:

  •         Purchase a primary home by the water body (seaside or lake, etc.)
  •         Be able to purchase a home for vacations
  •         Renovate or update your current home
  •         Become a black belt in Judo!
  •         Build your dream home
  •         Climb a mountain
  •         Complete a triathlon
  •         Create and commit to a fitness routine
  •         Create and finish a reading list
  •         Learn a foreign language
  •         Learn how to play an instrument
  •         Master an art or craft like painting, knitting, woodwork, etc.
  •         Move closer to your family or friends
  •         Move to the city of your dreams
  •         Move to your dream country
  •         Own your own land
  •         Run a full marathon
  •         Run a half-marathon
  •         Take a vacation to your dream destination
  •         Travel to your home country
  •         Work on your public speaking skills
  •         Write a book

Financial goals

Here are some examples of long term financial goals:

  •         Become financially independent
  •         Become financially free (no debit or mortgage)
  •         Build a business
  •         Build a retirement nest egg
  •         Build an emergency fund
  •         Earn a certain amount of money through multiple passive income streams
  •         Earn more money from your job
  •         Generate passive income
  •         Increase your credit score
  •         Invest in real estate
  •         Invest in the stock market
  •         Pay for a car in cash
  •         Pay off credit card debt
  •         Pay off student loans
  •         Pay off your mortgage
  •         Purchase a house
  •         Retire early by the age of 50-55
  •         Save enough money to send your children to college.
  •         Save for your children’s weddings
  •         Semi-retire early

Health and fitness goals

Here are some examples of long term health and fitness goals you can consider:

  •         Adopt a healthy lifestyle
  •         Implement practices to reduce the risk of diseases such as diabetes or heart disease
  •         Be able to do a one-rep dead-lift with 100kgs
  •         Fit into your old-size jeans
  •         Get abs or tone your legs
  •         Lose a certain number of pounds
  •         Lose weight from certain body areas like stomach or hips
  •         Lower your BMI
  •         Lower your cholesterol levels
  •         Master yoga
  •         Practice endurance training and strength training
  •         Run a full marathon
  •         Run a half marathon

Spiritual goals

Here are some examples of long term spiritual goals you can consider:

  •         Attend church service every Sunday
  •         Be clear about your beliefs
  •         Do a kind deed every day over the next 365 days
  •         Forgive your foes
  •         Go on some mission trips in a year
  •         Go on a personal retreat to reflect and pray
  •         Help someone restore their spirits
  •         Join a Bible study and participate weekly
  •         Mentor a young believer
  •         Observe and recognize the interconnectedness of everything
  •         Practice gratitude
  •         Read about your religion’s history and origin
  •         Read biographies of early church leaders
  •         Read the whole Bible over the next two years
  •         Reflect on your actions


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