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Stress and anxiety can harm your overall wellbeing. If you start your morning in a panic, you're already starting your day with a rocky start. Creating healthy morning habits is one of the most important things when creating a better lifestyle for yourself.

When you wake up after a long sleep, your body is naturally dehydrated. Fun fact, your brain is 75-85% water and one of the best things you can do after waking up in the morning is drinking a glass of it. Water increases your metabolism, helps your body flush out toxins, hydrates your body and skin.

Start your day with a glass of water, allowing yourself to work more efficiently, cope with all daily tasks quickly, and stay energized even late in the evening. 

Turns out the best time to drink coffee might not be the first thing in the morning, but an hour after you wake up. This is because in the hour after you wake up, your body’s production of cortisol- "stress hormone" is at one of its three daily peaks. 

More beneficial morning drinks:

  • Matcha Green TeaThis is a great alternative to coffee. It has caffeine to give you a gentle jolt to wake up, but the caffeine content is nowhere as high as that of coffee, so you won't experience a midday crash
  • Chamomile Tea - It’s been shown to help people who are facing stress at the end of the day and could even help you sleep better. Also, a coffee alternative for those who love coffee.
  • Bananas and Berries smoothie - perfect way to load up with energy and nutrition
  • Coconut Water - Has electrolytes and minerals which is the best alternative to an energy or sports drink, and can really give you a burst of energy in the morning.


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